The Greater Oakland-Berkeley Region December 2019 Report

By number of sales, Alameda County is the largest market in the Bay Area. The greater Oakland-Berkeley region constitutes the largest market within the county.

Bay Area vs. U.S. Appreciation Trends

This next chart estimates percentage home price appreciation trends for the San Francisco metro area (red line) and for the country as a whole (green line). In the latest market up-cycle, which began in 2012, the divergence in trend lines is very dramatic. The chart does not delineate prices, only percentage changes based upon a January 2000 value of 100. Thus 260 = 160% appreciation since January 2000.

Market Seasonality – New Listings Coming on Market 

The market is currently in the midst of its annual plunge in new listing activity, which hits bottom in December. (This chart is updated with data through October. November saw its typical big drop in listing activity.)

Estimated Home Price Trends since 1996

The next 3 charts are based upon the calculations of an algorithm which estimates – in a smoothed out, seasonally-adjusted trend line – changes in median home values. According to its calculations, prices in some of our more expensive markets have dropped from recent peaks – a common phenomenon around the Bay Area.

Market Dynamics by City or District

As often mentioned in previous reports, many of our cities and districts display statistics indicating them as some of the highest-demand markets in the country.

Regional Market Statistics