Lets face it, house hunting in Lamorinda will most likely include a few if not all older homes. If you don’t fancy yourself a “remodeler” this can be unsettling news. Even though it does seem daunting when you walk through an older home try to picture the diamond in the rough. Sometimes even small changes can make a big impact. If you consider yourself a new(ish) home person, opening your mind to an older home can expand the inventory available to you especially when your choices are very limited like the Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda real estate market. We have gathered a few examples of how some relatively simple changes can really update a home. And the added benefit is you get to put your own stamp on it…so don’t count out the old-timers.

Here is a example of a dated kitchen that got an overhaul without really moving much around. Knocking out a wall and opening up the breakfast bar made a huge difference and all on a limited budget.. check out the homeowners full story at
An example of a vintage kitchen that was cleaned up by removing the damaged ceiling tiles, changing the flooring and painting the cabinets. Looks great, vintage and totally functional.
Here is another great example of how you don’t need to move anything around but aesthetic changes will make a huge improvement. These homeowners remodeled this bathroom themselves and the end result is fresh and updated and would appeal to most home buyers. More on this project at
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