Pet-Friendly Getaways From San Francisco

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You were not going to be one of those pet owners, but this little lump of fur is so cute. It started simply with organic rawhide chews, then a down dog bed, and there was the cable-knit sweater for all those windy late-night walks… Now, to avoid separation anxiety (for yourself as well as Fido), you’ve moved on to pet-friendly getaways.

But with all the allergies and phobias people have added to their resumes these days, is there really an affordable place to which you can escape without feeling like you’re rooming in aisle three at Petco? Fear not, my friend. Pet-friendly travel does not have to be full of cat hair, squeaky toys, or the cast of Best in Show. These retreats will have you wondering why you didn’t let your four-legged friend run your life sooner. Click to Read More