Moraga Road: What Would You Do to Make It Better?

Moraga Road can be the source of a lot of grief, especially during the morning and evening rush hours, when harried commuters compete with equally-harried parents getting the kids to school on time.

How to make it better is the subject of several community meetings beginning next month. On Oct. 3, residents will be briefed on plans to gather community input at the first of several public meetings on the issue. On Oct. 5, there will be a walking and biking tour of the road. The idea for the brainstorming came from “the need to improve traffic flow, security, pedestrian transit and connections to the schools in the area,” Ellen Clark, senior planner, told the Moraga Town Council on Aug. 28, according to the Lamorinda Weekly. 

Funded by a county grant, the planning project is unique in that it will be community that comes up with the final product, though with help from a consulting group. That group will host a series of meeting this year, prepare a preliminary plan and return next spring for another series of workshops.

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